Head=Slayer with resolute Helmet
Torso=Serpentor style
Upper arms=Serpentor Style
Lower arms= Resolute Flint
Upper legs/feet= PoC Destro
Lower legs=RoC Heavy Duty
Shoulder Pads= SW Mandalore modded
Belt=PoC Dusty modded

This was a creative endeavor to make a darker version of this lesser known character with my style. The goal was to make him much more scary looking and have the quality and feel of a merc. I used a serpentor style torso and arms, Slayer head with a resolute helmet, POC Dusty belt modded with a removable knife and pistol, SW Mandalore shoulder pads modded with extra bits, resolute Flint's lower arms and shotgun ammo arm band, POC Destro upper legs and feet, and ROC Heavy Duty lower legs and gun. When painting, I also kept with some Range Viper colors as well.

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