Head: Recondo (Jungle Assault)
Torso: Mr. Fantastic (Secret Wars 2-Pack)
Arms: William Regal (WWE Build N Brawl)
Legs: Night Adder (Rise of Cobra)
Webgear: Stalker (30th Anniversary)
Gun: Steel Brigade (30th Anniversary)

Allen O'Neil has spent most of his life as a soldier. And as a soldier he has always excelled. He became the most trusted soldier under the command of Donald Morden while he was a commander in the U.S Armed Forces. Allen continued to stand beside Morden when the latter began a rebellion within the military, quickly amassing an army of loyalists. Morden and Allen's forces were driven out but have since allied themselves with Cobra. Now Allen leads the mercenary force against G.I. Joe, gunning down all who choose to stand against his commander. Make no mistake, this man is as dangerous as they come.

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