Head: Frag viper w/ clone trooper goggles
Arms: Star brigade roadblock
chest: Dr. mindbender
legs: Bullhorn ?
Apron: custom made from glove
backpack: BBQ and action pilot mask w/ Corps clear tube
Accessories: playmobil

A cobra surgeon is not just any ordinary doctor. They must be trained in several areas of medicine and are considered to be the most brilliant minds of the Cobra forces. Most, if not all of the surgeons started off as a regular medical doctor that worked at any ordinary hospital. The ones that were recruited instantly joined the ranks of the crimson guards. Once part of the CG they then specialized in specific medical area. They work close by with Dr. Mindbender in his lab and assist with any of his "special projects". They are also the primary doctors when it come to plastic surgery or any type of advanced human biomedical engineering.

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