Head: JvC Destro v1
Torso: PoC Cobra Commander
Arms: Resolute BAT
Thighs: Vintage Zap v2
Lower Legs: PoC HISS driver
Backpack and attachments: BAT and Spytroops Overkill
Armor: Ragin Spoon
Helmet: RoC MARS Officer

I've thought for a long time that the JvC Destro head was pretty cool if painted appropriately and when digging through my fodder bag and planning some ME format customs I came across this head and thought that it might work pretty well for an Overkill custom. The Cobra Commander torso I chose because it looked like some sort of life support armor, especially with what looked like an exposed spine in the back. Being that Overkill commands BATs it seemed logical to incorporate BAT parts into him too. Since Overkill is also a Cyborg I thought that the combination of parts for the legs would give it an exoskeletal look too. The helmet also seemed to evoke his JvC figure pretty well.

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