Head: JvC Ripper
Body: Renegades Trooper
Vest: Ragin Spoon
Siren: Spytroops Lamont

I've found that the various Cobra troopers we've been getting lately make very good SWAT guys with very little modifications and painting. With this guy I thought that JvC Rippers head would work well. I wasn't sure what I was going to make him do until after I did my Wide Scope. I always thought it odd that Wide Scope came with a dog if he was a sniper too. So I decided to give it to this guy. I hadn't planned on changing the name of the dog until I got around to thinking up a name for this guy and I had a moment where the name Nightbeat just popped into my head and it just seemed natural to name the dog Siren. Anyone who knows anything about the Marvel TF comics knows the significance of that name pairing.

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