Brokenarrow head, cutter type torso, airborne upper arms, lower arms from the desert roc 5 pack, web gear kitbash from cobra trooper and breaker types, upper legs pit commando type, lower legs cobra bazooka trooper, weapon from red star, knive from red star with greenstuff sheath. Holster from lady jaye and pistol is a soviet tokarev from indianna jones dovchenko. Shoulder patch printed out and other shoulder pouch added.

This is the second version of Stormavik that I've done. For this one, I used the cast head, changed the lower arms and hands, and made the web gear more accurate. I really dig the Oktober Guard and did the research to determine the outifts and colors done in the Marvel run. This version is focused on his first appearance, as are the others shown in the group shot. The recently revealed con version has some good points, but the lower legs and the arms are definately not accurate.

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