Brokenarrow head, Red Star type torso and upper arms and lower legs, lower arms and hands from the desert roc 5 pack, upper legs Breaker type and hit n run type. Web gear from Red Star with PTE ammo pouch and shirt bottom from dr. henry jones. Weapon from Marauders with added sling.

This is actually the 2nd (or third) version of Colonel Brekhov I've done. The first was a Red Star repaint with the pouch dremmeled off the right leg, the holster removed, greenstuffed back in, with the leg stripe greenstuffed, and the Dr. Jones shirt bottom. Then I changed out the head, the lower arms, and the upper leg. Then I went with the custom head from BrokenArrow. I dig the Oktober Guard and when I started the first project I researched their appearances and made a chart of outfits and colors.

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