Destro - ver 27 head
Captain Ace ver 4 body
Ripcord (Renegades) helmet

Like many other I bought a bunch of the new Sky Striker jets when they came out. That left me with a surplus of Captain Ace bodies to work with. I've got a Sky Striker being painted black by a professional air brush friend of mine so I thought while I waited I'd make a Destro to go with it. If Cobra Commander gets to ride around in Starscream, then made I'd put Destro in Skywarp. Or maybe I'll just trick the black jet out in Iron Grenadier stickers. I haven't made up my mind on that yet.

Keeping with the original Destro colors I wanted him to be black with red accents. The body was rit dyed first and then touched up after. There is no paint on any joints, so he is fully playable.

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