Helmet, NV Scope, Backpack-Raginspoon
Head-Beach Head type
Torso, Arms-Firefly type
Upper Legs-Copperhead modified with leg pegs for the custom weapon
Lower Legs-SRO Ace modified with Zartan knife sheath and knife
Web Gear-Trakker, shoulder pads from Mutt vest, greenstuff for knife sheath
Weapon-kitbash including gung ho, star wars, and pit commando

A lot of guys have done this custom that's probably why I waited so long to post it, it's been done for probably a year or more. I used a cobra stickers emblem, cut very close, and I colored it green. Made an attempt at his unique arm patch. Added the leg pegs and custom kitbashed a weapon to fit the leg pegs. He has two removable knives, removable helmet and accurate backpack. No photoshop used.

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