Head-custom cast
Upper Arms-Red Star
Lower Arms-Cobra Commander and Arctic Snake eyes combined
Upper Legs-storm shadow type
Lower Legs-Red Star
I think the knees were Storm Shadow type
Bullet Bands: 2 tunnel rat web gears with the grenades and holstes removed, and green stuff bullet(s) to fill in the gap
Ammo Pouch-Red Star

This is the second version of Shrage, I didn't like the first one's bulk, so I did quite of bit to change this one. So I swapped the torso, added new gloves, took out the dovchenko shirt bottom, changed out the upper legs (and knees I think), changed the head, used different (and modified/sculpted) ammo bands, and added the ammo pouch. I like this one much better. This time with all these Oktober Guard guys, I was going specifically for their 1st appearance in the Marvel run.

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