Head, Torso, Arms : Shipwreck
Waist, Legs : Unknown BnB Wrestler
Polly: Combo of 25th Pollys

This travelin' 'Wreck is the result of beav's 2012 Shipface Convention Adventure challenge. He won 4x minty Shipwrecks off eBay, and sent them to four different JoeCustoms members attending the 2012 GI Joe Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana.

I was one of the 'lucky' recipients... :tictoc:

However, there was one (or two) small problems:
1. beav's Shipwreck was in better condition than the Shipwreck in my collection (hello, swap!)
2. it came from beav. You know I couldn't NOT mess with it a little, right?

So, I found some beat-up ol' Shippy parts in the fodder box, decided to go Salmon, and went hunting for some 'short pants' ... best I had was some BnB figure.

See you at the convention! Come have your picture taken with me! (the custom, not the customizer...) And check out the Shipfaced forum for more Shippy adventures!

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