Head: Vintage
Arms: RoC Rampage
Rest: 25th Arctic Snake Eyes
Bandoliers: Ragin Spoon
Backpack: Vintage modified with parts from Spytroops Flint
Rest of Gear: Vintage

I've been wanting to do a Big Ben for a while but wasn't sure exactly what parts to use. I was browsing through the loose figures for sale on wbcollect.com and they had an Arctic Snake Eyes. I started thinking about the vintage figure and the arctic version that Hasbro released back in 2000 and looking at the Arctic Snake Eyes I thought I could make it work for Big Ben. I chose the Rampage arms since they were the closest I could find that resembled the vintage arms. I had to modify the bandoliers to fit over the torso since they were designed for one that was slimmer than this one. I originally was going to just shave down the peg on the backpack to fit in the modern torso but then I decided to try something different. I cut up a Spytroops Flint backpack to get the backboard and straps and glued them to the Big Ben backpack. It took some work and further modification of the straps to work but it turned out well.

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