Head: NS Gung Ho
Chest/Back: NS Slice
Arms: NS Stalker
Waist: NS Zartan
Legs: NS Swamp Rat


If you want an Ashiko figure, you can drop some money on eBay or make you own. I chose to make a custom. Instead of making a 25A figure, using the mostly the same parts that Hasbro used, I decided to go the much-hated new sculpt way. Instead of a boring masked head, I used the Gung Ho head. The rest of the parts are somewhat like the 25A parts Hasbro threw together to make Ashiko.

Colors & Paint:

Black and metallic grey, like the 25A figure. The black is speckled with gold.

Sculpting & Modifying:

I added hair to the Gung Ho head. I cropped about 1/8th of an inch from the bottom of the torso so it sits inside of the waist better.

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