HEAD: MU Cable
BODY: MU Crossbones
VEST: ROC Sgt. Stone
SHOULDER ARMOR, G36 RIFLE: Spy Troops Iron Grenadier
BANDOLIER: ROC Steel Brigade

Billionaire former defense engineering magnate Golobulus is considered by many to have laid the groundwork for modern robotic warfare. However, his change of heart regarding his profession in the mid-90s and early retirement angered many in the defense industry. Shortly thereafter, his wife and twin daughters were killed in a car bombing. He learned that a secret cabal within the Pentagon had him targeted for assassination, both to keep his genius out of the hands of foreign powers and to send a message to those within their circle of influence that one cannot simply opt out.

Using his substantial fortune, Golobulus founded NEMESIS GROUP, a clearing house of sorts for terrorism. Utilizing a small, private army of elite mercenaries known as Nemesis Enforcers, Nemesis Group providing logistical and financial support, training and equipment to a wide variety of terrorist and revolutionary groups around the world. Their eventual goal was the complete overthrow of the current global super powers through armed conflict. It was Golobulus who coined the slogan "Peace Through War".

While NEMESIS GROUP had been dismantled and many of its members killed or captured by 2002, Golobulus himself was never brought to justice and many of his organizations ideals and tactics, not to mention hidden resources and assets, were used to found Cobra.

After seemingly vanishing ten years ago during an attack by Hawk's first elite Special Forces unit, Task Force: Fury, Golobulus has resurfaced with a vendetta against Cobra Commander.

Golobulus is a hulking, physically powerful man of Borovian ancestry with salt an pepper hair and extensive facial scarring. He may have an ocular implant of some kind in his left eye which causes it to glow an eerie white from time to time. A longtime military enthusiast, he underwent extensive commando training through a number of private military contractors in his twenties and thirties. He has remained in peak physical condition with the help of personal trainers.

I've been toying with the idea of a re-envisioned Cobra-La for a few years now. The Nemesis Group concept is based on the real-world Paladin Group, an ultra-right organization formed by former Nazis to fight communism after World War II. My idea for Golobulus is based on the idea of someone like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates using their personal fortunes right perceived wrongs in the world through violent means. Their eventual goal is world peace, but the road they choose to get there is the violent overthrow of the whole world due to a nihilistic view of mankind.

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