Head, Lower Arms: 25th BAT
Torso: 25th Cobra Commander
Legs: 25th Destro

Destro commissioned Dr. Mindbender to create a Battle Android Trooper to serve as Butler, Bodyguard, and Sentry for Castle Destro. Thus, the Habitat Operations Unit [Special Edition] BBS was born!

This custom was originally created for Custom Celebration 6's "One Day LBC Challenge," where board members had one day to design, create, and post an LBC figure, with prizes awarded to the best custom, as chosen by site members in a poll. Sadly, Habitat Operations Unit [Special Edition] BBS didn't get a vote. Not even from me.

But I really like this custom, and it will serve* well in my Castle Destro Display/Diorama.

*see what I did there?

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