Head: Remco American Defense soldier with face sanded down and Zartan mask glued on
Torso: Remco American Defense soldier
Arms: Tomax and Xamot
Waist: Zartan
Legs: Armadillo
Vest: Eversparkle playset

Pistol: 25th figure?
Crate: Zartan's filled with fodder bits
Boat: Chap Mei

No one ever thought to ask why a master of disguise with a sunlight sensitivity skin condition would set up shop in the Florida Everglades. He could have operated anywhere in the world.

What if there just so happened to be a junk dealer in the area with a cabin out in the swamp? A townie who has a rap sheet of petty crimes and a reputation bad enough to keep most people away but not raise too much suspicion if he's seen around town. More importantly, a guy no one would miss if he went away for a few months. What if that guy served as an unknown patsy putting another person in two places at once? What if the best part was that this patsy kept wondering why he gets Our Lady of Valour condo time share offers and coupons for Uncle Blinken's Grape Soda in the mail addressed to "Mr. Z. Artan"?

The mask for Zartan is a great play feature, but does very little to disguise who he is. I thought it might be fun to explore why such a simple mask might be the perfect disguise against GI Joe. The only explanation I could come up with was that this junk dealer was an actual person.

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