Helmet: Dollar Store Figure
Torso, arms, hands, vest: POC Mini-gun Destro
Legs: Hazard Viper
Flamethrower rig: half of a ROC Mini-gun, half a Clonetrooper bazooka, BAT flamethrower arm parts, FlexRex for straps, Hydro-Viper scuba tanks, and a LEGO hose.
Fire extinguisher: ROC Charbroil

I've been looking into the Red Shadows for inspiration lately, mostly because I bought a pot of Citadel Blood Red and wanted to use it! I found the cheap-o pilot figure and thought his helmet resembled the Red Torches. I really like the way this one turned out, the head worked really well and the Hazard Viper legs are always a challenge to use but I think it worked here.

The flamethrower rig was a lot of fun to create, to make a threatening weapon that looks like it's use on the battlefield would be total overkill. It's bad enough you're burning everything, might as well do it in style. I like weapons that are held low, mini-gun-style.

Thought the tiny fire extinguisher fit into the shoulder-armor hole on the vest was a funny accessory, compared to the giant flamethrower.

Thanks for looking!

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