Head: Crimson Guard Immortal V1
Torso, upper arms: Resolute Cobra Trooper
Lower arms, hands: 25th V3 Snake Eyes
Upper legs: POC Jungle Viper
Lower legs: 25th Major Bludd
Vest: CGI V1 torso glued to 25th Strato-Viper webgear
SAW: POC (Jungle) Duke
Pistol: Marauder's
Backpack: 25th Monkeywrench

I purchased a beat-up old CGI from a toy show last year. I wanted to use him for a modern-style urban assault trooper, one who looked like he could be leading a troop of the red-and-black Alley Vipers.

I think the most formidable fighters in the Cobra legions, despite being CC's guards, would also want to get into the field once in awhile. Who wants to do all that training and never test their skills under live fire? Not these guys...

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