Head: Vintage Darklon mask on 25th Wraith head
Torso, upper arms: Renegades Firefly
Lower arms: 25th HISS Tank driver
Legs: POC Firefly
Armor vest: ROC Neo-Viper
Shin armor: POC mini-Gun Destro
Hands, armored skirt: ROC Charbroil
Flamethrower: ROC Charbroil tank and gun nozzle with POC Ice-Destro gun and heat shield from SW Firespeeder pilot gun

I don't know much about the Bronze Bombers. Then again, what's to know? But any dude sporting Darklon's mask and mold gets approval from me. Rather than trying to stay close to the original CrazeBlaze's uniform, however, I wanted to give him some armor with an intimidating look. And while I like the Neo-Viper's body armor it can be tricky to make it look right. This villan is just weird enough to use it.

The original figure was just Darklon V1 molded in black with yellow paint (he looks pretty good.) Going with the "urban" theme of the Bronze Bombers I thought black with gold was an appropriate color choice. All the figures came with guns molded in white so I stuck with that, too.

I'm happy with the way he turned out, thanks for checking him out.

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