Helmet: Star Wars Firespeeder pilot
Head: Range Viper V2
Torso: POC Duke
Arms, upper legs: 25th Wraith
Lower legs, feet: 25th Snow Job
Hands: POC Jungle Viper
Laser pack: 25th Breaker
Laser: ROC Neo-Viper with slight modifications

Laser Viper--a good concept that never seemed to be executed in a way I liked. V1 was too "out there" with the huge laser backpack and trashcan helmet. V2 was just a Cobra infantryman with red body armor and a weird gun. I got the new Sci-Fi and wondered why Cobra's laser troopers weren't like this guy? The concept should be easy to hit a home run with, but...

I picked up a Firespeeder pilot cheap and thought that helmet was a good start. The POC Duke's torso is a good one, actually, though it's not very "Duke" but for a hi-tech Cobra it's perfect, right down to the two spikes below the chest that look like fangs.

I like the V1 Laser Viper's colors so I tried to stick with that, the silver and blue work with his specialty. Finally have a Laser Viper that I like.

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