Head: Cobra CLAWS V1
Beret: ROC General Hawk
Torso, arms, hands: POC Firefly
Collar: ROC Storm Shadow
Legs, feet, right shoulder armor: 25th Iron Grenadier
Rifle, claws: ROC Doctor
Left shoulder armor: ROC Reactive armor suit
Skirt, pistol: POC Jungle Viper
Sword: 25th Destro V2

I didn't have ANY interest in GI Joe Extreme at all, and now I've made two customs based on those characters. I've been happy with both figures, however, so there must be something to it?

Seeing the Cobra CLAWS and his similarities to Iron Klaw got my customizing wheels turning long before the Club showed us their version of the SKAR mastermind, but they beat me to the punch. This guy was on my drawing board for a long time, though, and since I'm not going to drop cash on the subscription I'm happy to make my own. Customizing is pretty sweet.

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