Head -- Duke v40
Torso -- Duke v40
Arms -- Duke v40
Upper legs -- Duke v40
Lower legs -- Corps! commando figure
Helmet -- Scarlett v10
Rifle -- Marauder

On this particular mission, Duke was field-testing new body armor. The armored pants weren't ready for prime time so he stuck to urban camouflage tactical trousers. He had just finished an iaido lesson with Snake Eyes and decided to take his new katana along, too.

There were two things that bothered me about this Duke figure. First, he looked like he was wearing tennis shoes. Second, his hair wasn't blond. I decided to fix these. I really liked the small machine gun he came with, but nothing beats an Mk-14. The helmet was added to cover a flaw on this particular toy's head. It would be more fitting painted black, but this way it looks more like a flight helmet. Yes, Duke flew himself to the front line ... duh!

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