Head (The Angel Forge), Torso & Arms (RoC Tunnel Rat), Legs (RoC Cobra Commander), Feet (25th Breaker), Vest (25th Wild Bill).

I've never had a lot of love for Pathfinder as he was introduced after I stopped collecting Joes. My little brother had him and I vaguely recall him only because he was released with one of the most ridiculous accessories ever - the giant weedeater. Otherwise, the design was pretty good. So my Jungle Assault Specialist gets a simple machete and an assault rifle. Oh, and I substituted OD green for the turquoise used in his original camouflage pattern. Lately, a lot of my customs have been aimed at being as 'paint-free' as possible, to keep joint rub to a minimum. This is a perfect example of this trend. The only paint on this guy is the head, the vest and the camouflage pattern on his trousers.

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