Head, torso, arms and legs: Speed Racer figure
Hat: Imaginext Penguin
Hands: RoC Air-Viper
Feet: RoC Cobra Commander
Umbrella: Henry Jones
Gun attachment: SpyTroops Overkill
Cigarette holder: GI Joe M-16 barrel

I always knew once I started making DC Universe customs at the Marvel Universe scale that I would want a Penguin, but I had no idea how I was going to go about it.

I found the undersized Speed Racer figure in the black suit while digging through some fodder and suddenly realized I could get to work on this guy.

I had to add some articulation in the arms (at the elbow and wrist) and the legs (at the ankles), which was harder than I expected. But the real trick was getting a hat, monocle and cigarette holder together.

The umbrella gun was really an afterthought, but may be my favorite part of the figure now (because it transforms).

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