Head: 25th comic pack Hawk
Body and arms: Avengers comic style Hawkeye
Legs: Retaliation Roadblock adapted to Captain America (movie) arctic boots
Mask: Chap Mei
Baseball bat: GI Joe sword handle grafted to Playmobil baton
Fencer's foil: Mutt Williams
Wrist guard: RoC Arctic Storm Shadow

I had no idea who Sportsmaster was save for a few Brave and the Bold cameos until my son and I watched Young Justice. Then I knew I wanted a version of the character for my growing DC Universe of characters in the Marvel universe scale.

The base figure required a lot of work, including trimming down the legs and adding wrist articulation, to get to my minimum poseability and height standards.

The weapons were just cobbled together, much like the rest of his gear.

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