Head, gloves: 2007 SW X-Wing Pilot
Boots: SW Mustafar Anakin Skywalker
Rest of body: MU Silver Surfer
Helmet: 25A Crimson Guard
Arrow Holder: 25A Lady Jaye
Gunbelt: from SW Aurra Sing's rifle
Crossbow: Resolute Scarlett???


Another "Now a Joe" custom, adding to the ranks of General Mamba's Riot army. The original Mego figure featured quasi-medievil design elements on top of fatigues. I've replaced the fatigues with a bodysuit, but otherwise it's about the same.

The base body came about when I replaced Anakin Skywalker's boots with Silver Surfer feet. This was the byproduct of making my White Clown custom. I glued the leftover Anakin Skywalker boots to the bottoms of the Silver Surfer legs and liked how it looked. I just had to find the right character to use the body with. Baron Von Chill is a crazy enough character to make it work. I used the Crimson Guard helmet because it didn't look like the overly simplistic sallet, but still adds some armor to the figure's head.

Colors and Paints:

Mostly taken from the original figure.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The faceplate was cut from the Crimson Guard helmet. The head was added to the neck base and then wrapped with epoxy to create the draped chain armor effect. The texture was pushed into the epoxy to create a chain armor look. The webgear, aside from the belt, is scratch-built. The gloves were glued to the arms and the boots were glued to the legs.

Thanks for looking.

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