Head: Zangief '93
Torso: Blanka '94 (Movie Edition)
Arms: Sgt. Slaughter '86
Waist: Destro '88 (modified)
Upper legs: Big Boa '87
Lower legs: Sgt. Slaughter '89

The original Zangief released in ARAH G.I.Joe was an OK figure, but not really impressive. The head was very well done and showed a great resemblance to the videogame character. Unfortunately, the rest of the figure didn't. Yes, the colours were the same, but that's about it. This is my version, but I didn't give him scars because I already liked him this way.
Slaughter's boots made him a bit taller which is just what the figure needed. Blanka's muscular torso with chest hair satisfied me as well, since that's how Zangief looks in the Street Fighter games too.

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