Head: a secret
Hockey mask: Snow Serpent 02
Torso: Dusty
Arms: cobra trooper
Waist: varies
Legs: Wild Weasel

Jason wasn't a very good swimmer.

As a child Jason, a slow child and son of one of the female cook's at a summer camp, drowned whilst unattended because the counselors weren't paying attention, they were off fooling around. His mother, the aforementioned cook, swore revenge and set about slaying all the counselors, all but one, who beheaded her. Jason then rose from his watery grave to kill camp youths in her name. A supernatural immortal mute killing machine with no remorse for his victims, he finds newer and newer ways to slay his victims.

These are pics of various ones I've made, also a pic of him squaring off with Tommy Jarvis. This week on AMC all the episodes are running, I am pleased.

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