Head/helmet: 25th Snow Serpent
Torso,upper arms: POC Techno-Viper
Lower arms, hands: Renegades Firefly
Upper legs: 25th Viper
Lower legs, feet: Resolute Beachhead
Vest: ROC Firefly
Belt: ROC Hawk
Assault Rifle: Marauder's AKM (it's awesome)

Based on the '92 Heli-Viper Battle Copter Pilot, I guess that figure is famous for being rare and weird. I agree, he's weird. Good parts choices but the colors, wow!

I like the idea of other Cobra troop-types using the Snow Serpent helmet and mask, it's a great helmet. Overall I definitely toned-down the lavender aspects, but I didn't want to lose the color totally, so he's still linked to the original. I considered using the POC Techno-Viper's lower arms and hands, to also match the original, but they were too bulky and didn't work for an assault trooper's uniform. I shaved the grenades off the Renegades Firefly's sleeve for another custom, so I sculpted that cutout area to look like a jacket sleeve, and those looked much better--no hoses to catch on anything.

I thought that Cobra could use a soldier with a specialty similar to Airborne. I imagine that Cobra pulls off a lot of run-and-gun helicopter drops to assassinate or extract, and this is the soldier for the job.

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