Head: '84 Baroness w/sculpted hair
Upper torso, arms: SW Max Rebo
Lower torso, arms: SW Gammorean Guard
Boots: Titan AE Preed
Dress: Scratch-built
Machine gun: ROC Heavy Duty


This character, whose real name was not even revealed, appeared in Marvel's GI Joe #50 Special Missions Preview. She was a member of the Leon Trotsky Brigade of the Fourth International. She was captured by Stalker and Hawk when they rushed the LTBOTFI headquarters in San Francisco. Upon entering the building, Hawk designated her as "Fatso with the machine gun".

To get a plump look for the figure, I started with a Chi Eekway figure. It just didn't do justice to Herb Trimpe's artwork, which portrayed the character as a woman in the 450+ pound range. I really wanted to keep the head of Chi Eekway, but ultimately the Baroness head worked better because of its glasses. I used the arms and torso of Max Rebo with the legs of a Gammorean Guard with Preed boots to honor Trimpe's wonderful design. These parts gave the figure the disgustingly massive arms, oversized hands, and beefy legs seen in GI Joe #50.

Like a few of my other customs, this one is more of a statue with moveable arms than an action figure. It was worth it to make this gluttonous beast of a woman.

My biggest disappointment with the figure is that I had to use a ROC Heavy Duty machine gun. I couldn't find a 1:18 scale Browning to match the comic book. It's almost as funny without the antique weapon, and it still looks pretty good.

Color & Paint:

Taken from the comic book. The dress was painted in a metallic red to make it more lifelike. To help line up the figure with the artwork, I painted only simple dot eyes without eye makeup. The flesh tone is spray paint, which had to be applied in multiple layers, slopping out some details. To cheat around this, I painted in a few lost details, like the nostrils. To capture the buckled teeth look, I painted the sculpted lips as teeth and then framed them with red as lipstick. I also extended the width of the mouth to make it look wider and even more fishlike.


The hair was added to the head. The hair was done with a different sculpting material than the rest of the body- Aves epoxy. I wasn't used to using it and oversculpted the volume of the hair. It appears fluffy, but I had wanted to sculpt it as flat and closer to the head. The chest was reshaped, as were the fingertips. The legs/lower torso were reworked. The boots were glued to the legs. The dress/skirt is scratch-built.

Thanks for looking.

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