Head- Gung Ho dress
Torso- Windchill
Arms- Windchill
Waist- Windchill
Lower legs- Viper

Matt Cordell was a good cop, an honest cop. Sometimes that can get you in a lot of trouble. He found out about dirty cops, pay offs, a trail that lead all the way to the commisioner. When he tried to expose the dirt he was framed and was sent away to Sing Sing, where he was jumped in shower and cut beyond recognition.

Supposedly he died, but when a uniformed cop was reported to be killing innocents on the streets of New York at night the rumors of Matt Cordell's ghost ran rampant. african porn videos

He now seeks vengence on those who wronged him.

One bright day in the middle of the night
2 dead boys got up to fight
Back to back they faced each other
With their knives they shot each other
A deaf cop heard the noise and shot the 2 dead boys

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