Head: ROC Ripcord
Upper torso, upper arms: IJ Cairo Swordsman
Lower arms, waist, legs: IJ German Soldier
Boots: SW:AOFC Anakin Skywalker
Bandolier: Chap Mei Ninja???
Satchel: IJ Indiana Jones w/bandolier ammo portion from Chap Mei figure gunbelt


Here's a character I've wanted a figure of for 30 years. Ahmed was the Afghanistan Tribal Chief who appeared in GI Joe #6. His appearance changed a bit from panel to panel, so I picked what I liked and went with it.

Color & Paint:

Instead of the dark brown used in the comic for the clothing, I used a brighter brown for the base- but dirtied it with a wash to give it some substance and grit. The comic also featured Ahmed with solid black hair, but I added in strokes of brown to help make it look less like the Ripcord head.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The beard, hair crest, and robe hood/lower robe were sculpted. I thought the bushy hair in the comic book might not translate well, so I went with the shorter cropped style on the head. The bandolier ammo portion was glued to the satchel strap. The boots were glued to the legs.

Thanks for looking!

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