Head: Cade Skywalker
Torso, Arms: Renegades Tunnel Rat
Upper Legs: POC Storm Shadow
Lower Legs, Feet: POC Duke


Schleich Great Dane Female Figure
Sculpted ears and red rocket
Custom collar

Mystery Inc was one of the first groups to learn of THEM. Accidentally of course. They were traveling through Idaho late one night after completing a case when a man stumbled out in front of the Mystery Machine. Traveling down the empty roadway at 45 miles an hour Fred hit something. Pulling to the side of the road the gang looked at the damage. Shaggy would later recall the incident, "Like, we all got out of the van; Fred was in shock, Daphne was already in tears, and Velma, well she was trying to rationalize what had happened saying it must have been a deer. I remember getting closer and holding my flashlight on the grill of the van. It was destroyed. Blood was splattered everywhere. Th-th-there was so much blood. I didn't see it at first, it was really Scooby Doo who found it. A piece of a shirt stuck to the grill. A red plaid flannel shirt. I pulled it out and held it up. That's when Fred fainted. While Daphne took care of Fred, like she always did, Velma, Scoob and I went to check on whoever we hit. We walked passing our flashlights back and forth looking for any sign of the...

W-w-well it found us. It wasn't a human. It looked human but wasn't. It's ribs protruded from its chest, one of it's legs was broken and twisted in the most inhuman way...

Velma always the skeptic and always the good Samaritan immediately wanted to run to help. I was going to go with her till I heard Scooby. He was growling. Thing about Scoob, I can count the number of times he's growled in his life and this one I had never heard. I quickly turned and looked at Scoob, his head was down, his hackles were raised, he was standing his ground and... His teeth, I had never seen him pull his lips back that far. I grabbed Velma just in time. Just as the thing lunged. Scooby darted between us and it, hitting it with the broadside of his body knocking it flat on its behind. Velma started screaming telling me to get my hands off her. It was crazy. The thing got up and kept coming at us, Scoob was barking like and snarling. Fred had come to but had no idea what was going on. Honestly neither did I. It was actually Daphne who called it a zombie first. None of us wanted to believe it, but there it was. The tire iron smashed into the skull... No one expected that, especially not from Velma."

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