Head = POC Shadowtracker
Body = POC Skydive
Lower Arms = POC Shocktrooper
Armor = POC Skydive added pouches
Knee pads = 30 th IG
SAW Marauder/TR1ER sling with ROC trooper Shield

Cobra Gravediggers
These guys are just natural born killers. Equipped with shielded SAWs and heavy armor bullet proof padding and creepy looking helmets. There are a force to be dealt with in groups of 4 or more.
Thats why there is allways at least one of them sent out with cobra units for support and take care of what the cobra troops cant.

I hate those guys pisses us off when one gets sent out with us. Hell they just shoot every thing up , Even our own guys if they get in their way! - Cobra trooper

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