Head: Cast from eBay seller, Wire, Straight Pins, Aves Fix-It, Gauges from Mezco Johann Krauss, Transmission piece from model car engine
Body: 25th Torch
Arms, Legs: 25th Roadblock
Hands: Mezco Johann Krauss
Chain Harness: 25th Mindbender cast (Dark Wynter via Lance Sputnik)
Chain: Toilet Stopper


One never sees the color pink as threatening. Usually reserved for softness and femininity, this benign, almost peaceful color is something taken for granted. People never look at the shade as anything sinister. At least, not until Frankenberry hit the scene. Created through dark magics by Count Chocula, Frankenberry is an enforcer for all things vile and syrupy sweet in the Count's growing megalomaniacal plans. A former pro-athlete, Frank Berry was on his way to super star status, and was ready to be an inspiration to people everywhere. His older brother Beauregard convinced him that taking performance enhancing drugs would make him better. Little did he know that his older brother had been in contact with the Count, and that the Count had manufactured the drug with the express purpose of creating a monster. After Frank's brother turned up savagely beaten to death, the media turned its attention to Frank, and he was outed as a user. Disgraced, shamed, and never able to find work as an athlete, he turned to the Count to seek guidance. When the Count offered him a job, and freedom from his torment, he was left with no other options.
Had he known that the Count would change him so radically, he might have reconsidered, but the process was done, and now he's too mindless to object to anything he's ordered to do. He got his wish. His face is one that inspires. Unfortunately, it inspires fear.

Big Thanks to KilCarr for the Bio help! "

This was my second entry into Iron Will's Korporate Kombat III contest. The contest was announced right about the time General Mills was selling the monster cereals again this year, and I've always been a fan of FrankenBerry. I had aspirations to make all three major monster cereal mascots, but reality struck and I realized I'd really only have time for one. I went with Frankenberry because I thought he'd be the easiest. I debated using a Star Wars cantina band member for the head, but then I recalled seeing this cast out on eBay that might work - maybe it's supposed to be The Leader? Anyway, some shades of pink and gray, and here we are!

Thanks to Sputters for the Mindbender Harness!

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