Liu Kang - Head
James McCullen XXIV - Torso/Tie
Shipwreck - Legs
Rex "The Doctor" Lewis - Labcoat
Wedge Antilles - Arms
Dr. Mindbender - Laptop
Red Skull - Luger (in holster)
Lightsabers - Test Tubes

I'm working on expanding the science division of my COBRA collection. I thought the Volcano-Viper, Hazard-Viper, and Techno-Viper were all amazing additions to the line, as well as the Zombie-Vipers and Compound Z accessories. I'm enjoying filling out COBRA's research ranks with incorporated characters like Miles Mayhem and Doctor Scarab but wanted to get some of the classic COBRA science characters back into action.

I actually really liked a lot of what the Club's version of Dr. Venom looked like, and when it was pointed out that the head actually a retooled Liu Kang I knew I could make my own. I think mine has a few improvements over the official release, and I was extremely happy with how the test tubes came out. They're lightsaber tips with the top flared out by pressing it against the metal tip of a hot glue gun, and the result is pretty convincing! Going to try to get a quick tutorial up on how easy they are to make soon, as I plan to do a few more scientist for my collection.

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