Head: SW Mara Jade
Torso, Legs: MU Ms. Marvel
Feet: 25A?
Arms: Avatar guy in red t-shirt/vest
Skirt: ROC Paris Pursuit Baroness
plus sculpting

I won't go into a detailed bio, as it would probably sound an awful lot like the Holly character from Larry Correia's Monster Hunter series.

But here are the high points of the figure. She wears an enchanted wood tipped silver dagger like an amulet around her neck. The enchantment is such that every time it is bathed in the blood of a supernatural being, it gains in strength.

The spell provides protection to the bearer, while worn, and it's mere sight can cause even the most hardy of beasts to quiver. It's use on such a being causes quite instantaneous destruction.

Despite this great power, the dagger can only perform one function at a time. When worn touching her own chest, she is near invincible, but must resort to traditional means of fighting the supes. When wielded for a kill, however, she becomes vulnerable to attack by multiple beasts. Thus, her preference is to wear the dagger amulet style, and go about her business in other ways. Such as a sawed off shotgun with shells comprised of silver and wood fragmented pellets...

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