Head: TofuJesse cast
Helmet: Raginspoon
Torso: Cobra Commander
Arms: PoC HISS Driver
Thighs: Resolute Trooper
Lower legs: Strato Viper
Webgear: Taurus modified with bits from other things
Backpack, gun, bird: vintage

I liked what the club did with their Voltar and thought that the use of the RoC Accelerator Suit parts was clever but I wanted to go in a different direction with mine. I actually used upper and lower parts from two separate Cobra Commander torsos. One is the 25th version and the other is the resolute version. The chest plate is made from a JvC BAT chest piece glued onto the front of a dremmeled Viper vest attached to Taurus gear with Jango Fett holsters. The vulture was missing his feet so I cut the feet off a 25th Polly and glued them on.

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