Head, bag: unreleased PoC Zartan with movie likeness
Torso, arms, armor, grenade launcher: Resolute Zartan
Legs: 25th Zartan
Bow, Knife holster: Retaliation Storm Shadow
Quiver: Retaliation Zartan
Hood: VC Darth Sidious

Snake Eyes Disguise
Head, coat: RoC Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes
Scabbard backpack: Retaliation Zartan
Uzi: PoC Snake Eyes
Swords: Unknown

Trooper Disguise
Head: RoC Grunt
Webgear: 25th Snake Eyes

Duke Disguise
Head: Resolute Duke
Bandolier, rifle: 25th Jetpack Duke

I was pretty content with my original Zartan custom for a while (which you can see in the last picture) until I saw Stronox's Zartan that used that Darth Sidious hood. That figure was just badass and I knew that I wanted to do something similar with mine. I originally wasn't going to do as much painting here as I ended up doing, especially on the armor, but as I began working on him, the more I decided to do as I went along. It was during this process that I also got the idea to do up some disguises for him too. Just easy parts that would alter his appearance enough to look as if he were someone else, kinda like what Hasbro did with the PoC Zartan. Of the three I ended up with, I think the Snake Eyes disguise works the best.

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