Head: Storm Shadow '84
Torso: Ripcord '84
Arms: Night Creeper '90
Waist: Street Fighter The Movie Blanka
Legs: Corps

Coat: POC Cobra Commander
Sword: Handle Sagat '93, blade unknown
Stethoscope: Piece of earplug wire

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja is a hilarious webcomic written and drawn by Christopher Hastings. It features the fictional adventures of a character named Dr. McNinja, a thirty-five-year-old doctor who is also a ninja. He is a ninja, with the exception that he is a practicing medical doctor as well. He has amazing speed (fast enough to dodge bullets) and agility, plus superhuman strength (the latter of which is attributed to the fact that he is a doctor as well as a ninja). He studied under the clone of Benjamin Franklin in medical school, and his medical expertise ranges from general medicine to podiatry and dentistry. In fact, he has a degree in virtually every field except agricultural science thanks to a cloning experiment during his college days with the help of his professor, Ben Franklin II. He is usually seen wearing slacks, a button-down shirt and tie, a lab coat, a ninja mask, and a stethoscope around his neck. While a skilled superhero, Dr. McNinja has several personality quirks. He desperately wants to be Batman and has obsessively studied his movies, comics and TV shows to that effect (despite this, his personality is rather more similar to Spider-Man in terms of lighthearted banter), even telling others he trained with Batman (which is patently false, even in the McNinja universe) and owning a pair of Batman pajamas. He is also highly sensitive to criticism by his parents, who are disappointed their ninja son is wasting his time as a doctor.The fact that he is both a doctor and a ninja has also caused several problems for him, chiefly due to his twin obligations to heal and to kill. He also has an intense hatred for pterodactyls, having encountered members of the species on an isolated Pacific island, and in an alternate future ruled by dinosaurs from space.

I really recommend checking out his adventures. If you liked all those retro martial arts / ninja movies, you will certainly appreciate this comic.

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