Head: Schleigh leopard
Torso: Outback '87
Arms: TF Roadblock '88
Waist: Tracker '91
Legs: TF Tripwire '88

All parts modified with Greenstuff.

For the Mascot Madness I searched the web for interesting mascots from the NHL, NBA, and NFL. Rufus Lynx was the coolest one for me, even though his team, the Charlotte Bobcats, doesn't seem to play that well in the NBA.

On a recon mission, Max (from Spearhead) got captured by Cobra. Not knowing what to do with him, Cobra left Max in Dr. Mindbender's lab. Naturally, Dr. Mindbender tried to merge Max with an unfortunate Viper in one of his sinister experiments to make a new kind of montrous soldier. It worked pretty well, but the newly formed Max kicked Mindbender's *** big time and escaped from the lab. The Charlotte Bobcats happily accepted Max as their new mascot, but he goes under the name Rufus Lynx there so Cobra won't find out who he really is, just like the players, the crowd and all the other ordinary people. Secretly, Max/Rufus looks for potential Joe recruits at the NBA matches among the athletes and informs the Joes about them.

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