Head/Torso to belt line & arms: Dungeons & Dragons Zelek
Lower torso, legs, & feet: Indiana Jones Mutt Williams

Junkyard figure

Slop Jar Design:

My high school English teacher once told of her childhood experiences visiting her relatives who lived in the countryside. As this would have been the late 1950's, the country family still used "slop jars" at night instead of going outside to the outhouse. 20 years later, the phrase "slop jar" is still burned into my memory. Sounds like a Drednok name, doesn't it?

While in a dirty gas station one day, I saw a rather unkempt man wander in. He had a long dirty black beard and wore a tight red long sleeve shirt with grimy blue jeans. A muse befitting the great name Slop Jar had been seen.

I found the Zelek figure buried in a box in a small town "antique shop" (which was just a dilapidated local house filled with lots and lots of junk) along with the Junkyard figure.

Slop Jar Colors & Painting:

I followed the colors worn by the dirty man in the gas station. The blue jeans were good enough to not repaint.

Slop Jar Sculpting & Modifying:

The pointed ear tops were removed. The waist area of the Zelek figure was removed and the legs/lower torso of Mutt Williams were added.

Roymond Design:

After finding the Junkyard figure with the Zelek figure, it seemed only right to keep them together. After all, these figures may have been sitting together since 1984, so it was destined to be. I always thought "Roymond" would be a good name for a deep-woods hillbilly type, but it works even better for a companion animal to Slop Jar.

Roymond Colors & Paint:

I've already repainted one Junkyard figure in light brown (before Master Collector did it!) and one to match an Australian Cattle Dog. That left light colors to play with. I chose creamy tan with blonde streaks.

Roymond Sculpting & Modifying:

To make the shape of the body different from regular Junkyard figures, I added lots of "hair clumps" made of hot glue.

Thanks for looking.

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