Head: Airtight with Mindbender face cast directly on it
Body: Airtight
Arms: Sci-Fi
Legs: Hazard Viper
Helmet: Mega Mind Happy meal toy
Backpack: Airtight and Destro comicpack
Goggles: Renegades Ripcord
Bone saw: Lego
Electro prod: Mindbender
Sonic Generator Device: Airtight and ARAH Payche-Out

This one started last year in New Orleans at the Hasbro Customizing class. At the time, I knew painting over the bright yellow, neon green, and orange base color parts would require some serious sanding to make it playable.

As for the character, I was originally thinking lab tech, but Krymsynsyth666's Hazard Viper diorama from the NJCC convinced me this needed to be Dr. Mindbender. That in turn made me start working on pieces for an eventual Mindbender lab I've been planning for almost a decade now.

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