HEAD: Retaliation Flint
ENTIRE BODY: Retaliation Tactical Ninja 3 Pack Snake Eyes

__ Web gear from Retaliation Wave 2 Storm Shadow
__ MR27 IAR assault rifle from Retaliation Flint
__ Shotgun from Retaliation Tactical Ninja Airborne
__ Pistol, Suppressor and Knife from Snake Eyes
__ Beret from Retaliation Flint
__ Backpack from Desert Ambush Duke, drilled to hold the shotgun by the pistol grip.

FILE NAME: Faireborn, Dashiell, R.
BIRTHPLACE: Wichita, Kansas
GRADE: CW-4 (Chief Warrant Officer)

A brilliant tactician and one hell of a soldier, Flint is a seasoned special forces veteran who commands the respect of his peers through actions and words. He can come off as cerebral and wordy during mission briefs, but when the going gets tough, Flint just gets tougher, fights harder and pushes those serving alongside him to give it their all.

Prior to joining the 'Joe team, Flint was a flight warrant officer with the Joint Special Operations Command, and frequently worked with the Night Stalkers on highly classified rescue and extraction missions in hostile territory.

As soon as he started appearing in the Sunbow cartoon with the Revenge of Cobra, Flint became my preferred team leader. I could always relate to him more than Duke - less the grinning, goody two shoes.
This is my second attempt at a Flint custom. It's less of a Modern Warfare/Delta Force design and more of an homage to his Renegades and classic appearances with a mix of the sweater and tiger stripe camouflage BDU pants. I'm not absolutely married to the idea of him always being armed with a shotgun, so his primary weapon here is the HK416/M27 that the Retaliation figure came with, but he does have his trusty "portable claymore" as a back up.

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