Head & arms: IJ Indiana Jones
Upper torso: IJ Russian Soldier
Lower torso & legs: SW Asharad Hett
Webgear: Resolute Stalker
Sword: ROC Storm Shadow
Weapon: NS Dusty
Backpack: ARAH Recondo Battle Pack


Continuing my "Now a Joe" run. Kayo was Eagle Force's martial arts expert. Like Hasbro's Quick Kick, which was released four years after Kayo, Kayo sported ridiculous bare feet. Otherwise he had a fairly decent uniform. I went with wrapped feet as a compromise to the original design, but stayed pretty close to it (aside from switching from gold to a camouflage pattern and having no beret).

The figure uses parts that make a fairly bland uniform, and that's in keeping with the original figure. The best part is that all of these pieces match up with each other and make a figure scaled to being about 5'7" or so.

Colors & Paints:

Using the same color set as my other Eagle Force customs, with the original metallic gold replaced by a camouflage pattern.

Sculpting & Modifying:

I filled in the age lines on the Indiana Jones head and reshaped the eyes a bit. I drilled the hole for the ARAH backpack a bit too high and at the wrong angle. The backpack sits up a bit high, but it's not a dealbreaker.

Thanks for looking.

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