Hands: Titan AE Preed
Feet: SW Gammorean Guard
All Else: Thor Frost Giant


Ramar was Cobra's mind-controlled slave gladiator seen in the original Sunbow miniseries, The M.A.S.S. Device. The character was drawn much taller than a real human could be, making the Frost Giant figure perfect.

Colors & Paint:

Inspired by the cartoon.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The hair is sculpted and the oversized sandaled feet of the Gammorean Guard were added. I added the chest straps and belt. Once the feet were in place, the arms needed to be lengthened a bit to correct, or at least camouflage, the proportions. I replace the hands with larger Titan AE Preed hands. I also bulked up the lats to help make the figure look more massive.

The bits of tacky body jewelry were left in place and just painted as parts of the costume. I added the mind-control band on the forehead.

I didn't like the idea of just painting the lower torso area to indicate clothing. Instead, I tried different materials to create a paintable texture. The final texture was created by sprinkling poppy seeds over glue and then putting two thick coats of acrylic paint over that.

I tried several different ways to make knuckle spikes, but none of them looked good. I ended up "implying" metal nubs by simply painting spots on the knuckle wraps.

Thanks for looking.

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