Head: G. I. Joe green shirt
Torso/Waist/Arms/Hood/Swo rds: Kamakura retailiation
Legs: Storm Shadow retailiation

I decided to create an unmasked Snake Eyes on the premise that ever person who calls him or her a G. I. Joe fan wants to know what his face looks like. So I chose the typical blonde hair because I find it seemed to suit Snake Eyes' hair and I decided to not go with the facial damage that he had received not on the idea that it would ruin the figure, but this is a Snake Eyes whose story is a little different. He received his training from the Arashikage Clan well before he joined the army. In the army he was caught in a firefight where his convoy got hit in a special op mission in Bolivia. An RPG had hit his Humvee and his face was severely burned and scared. He was found by the Joes and started into the masked Ninja Commando we know now.

If anyone is interested in this custom or any of my other customs please email me if you would think of buying them I plan to put my customs on ebay for the public if people were willing to buy.

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