Head: Resolute Zartan
Torso, upper arms: Resolute Alley Viper
Lower arms: 25A Cobra Commander
Legs: Resolute Flint
Webgear: Zombie Viper
Bottle: Playmobil


Beta Man, originally called Fireball by Mego, was the arsonist of RIOT. This "Now a Joe" figure brings him into Joe continuity in an updated uniform inspired by the '81 Mego figure. The addition of the shoulder and knee pads, along with the more complex Zombie Viper webgear, creates a more menacing appearance. The canisters on the webgear also work as nice stand-ins for whatever flammables Beta Man likes to keep nearby.

Clipping the dangling broken straps on the webgear would have been practical, but they looked too interesting to mess with.

Colors & Painting:

Taken from the base figure, with metallic red added to the knees and shoulder padding. To keep the paints somewhat streamlined, I didn't paint any of the details on the torso, such as the belt or the vest or the shirt collar. To create a glowing affect on the flame, it was painted with glow-in-the-dark paint.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The Zartan head was cut from its hood, with the top of the head being repaired. The flaming bottle is a Playmobil piece with a hot glue "flame" added.

Thanks for looking.

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