Head, torso, waist - LIVEVIL/Nova cast kit
Arms- Shockwave 91
Upper Legs- Storm Shadow 92
Lower Legs- Hit & Run 88
AK-74U assault rifle and G-18 automatic pistol- Marauder Inc.
Backpack- Gung Ho 92

Blue Beret Officers are in charge of COBRA Blue Beret Commando teams. They are loyal, battled-hardened, and experienced officers whom have risen the ranks and proven their worth through ruthless action. Trained in multiple aspects of modern warfare, leadership and psychology, Blue Beret Officers become effective leaders on the battlefield, leading their troops to commit heinous acts of terrorism in the name of COBRA. Motivated by ambitions of power and the rewards for their successes, Blue Beret Officers keep their troops in line with cruel and merciless efficiency.

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