Head - saint seiya figure 100% modified
face- modded chun li
torso - psych out 100% modified
arms - light foot 100% modified
waist - custom made (epoxy)
legs - destro v1

Very little is known of the Baroness' past, except that she is the offspring of wealthy European aristocrats. The Baroness was on hand for the Tet Offensive in Southeast Asia, 1968...

Visiting her brother Eugene, Anastasia is present when he discovers relief supplies have been sold to finance the offensive. Eugene is slain to cover this up, the Baroness blames an American soldier she sees standing over him with a smoking gun. She is escorted from the scene as Destro and his son enter. Destro discovers that Eugene wore a bulletproof vest, easily capable of stopping shots from Snake Eyes' .45 caliber handgun. He deduces the truth and clears Snake Eyes of the crime; too late for the Baroness to hear, and far too late for her to care.

Frustrated and angered, the Baroness spends years decrying the hypocrisy of the American government, becoming an active participant in militant revolutionary groups, eventually becoming a member of Cobra. In the time between these two events, she crosses paths with James McCullen XXIV, and the two share a romantic relationship.

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